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Small Business SEO Content Writing Client Questionnaire

SEO QuestionnaireChoosing the correct keyword targets for SEO is extremely important. As an SEO professional, you can apply research and intuition to the process, but the ultimate information resource and essence of the strategy needs to originate from the client themselves. The client will know at least the raw ingredients that the website designers and marketers can then build into a coherent and effective business front online.

Sometimes this process is a very detailed and collaborative one, especially when working in tandem with a pre-existing marketing department or liaison, other times you are dealing with the wrong person, or an owner with little online experience and perhaps inability to clearly articulate goals. Luckily, great online marketing results can be grown out of almost any type of soil. The client questionnaire below is something I’ve found to be extremely helpful in framing the picture, drilling down the essence of the business mission and intent, and also gathering clues towards defining those local and niche keyword terms that are most effective and enticing to go after.

Hopefully you can put this to work for you!
The following questions will help us understand how to compose the SEO articles for your website.

ABOUT YOU & YOUR BUSINESS These questions will help us understand who you are so that we can help you stand out from the pack.

  • What is your company vision?
  • What types of services does your business offer?
  • What are the best attributes of your business (or product, or service)?
  • Describe your typical client.
  • What emotions/goals are behind customer purchases of your products/services?
  • Who is your Target Market? What is their Need?
  • Who is your Competition?  Do you have website examples?
  • What is your Point of Difference? What are they doing that you are not?
  • How are you currently marketing your business?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are there any achievements or accreditations you or your company has which you would like to mention? (education, professional)
  • Is your market seasonal?  What seasons are the busiest, and why?

ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY For the following questions, we are trying to locally, regionally define your business presence. This will help us best target the most accurate and complete local search segments of your business.

  • Which communities / neighborhoods / cities / states do you do the most business in or would you like to do more business in if not currently?
  • Please also describe any local attractions, local organizations, business entities, other connections to your local community that you are heavily associated with,  that may be important

STYLE We also want to insure the writing style is accurate as relates to your business theme and tone.

  • What tone do you prefer? (select one) Formal <    1 2 3 4 5    > Conversational
  • What point of view would you like to adopt in the writing?

Third Person (ie: With Larry and Sheila Young assisting all your..) -standard

First Person (i.e. – I would like to welcome you to my website…)


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