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Sample of Recent SEO/SEM Proposal


Internal Marketing General Overview

GOAL: Professional online marketing campaign setup and ongoing management for X-brand. To lead an aggressive marketing charge into the search engine space, placing the brands and products up front and center for potential clients.

Project Scope and Suggested Internal Team Makeup

A holistic marketing approach including SEO/link building, SEM, social media marketing, and email marketing.  A project this large can/must be more easily understood by breaking it down into stages. First there would be a research stage, then an implementation stage, and an ongoing management stage to each aspect of the overall campaign. Much of the work will require dedicated time, research, and budget allowances.

SEO/SEM Campaigns will need developer resources to redesign website elements and landing pages/ build new ones. It would also be preferred to have the ability to implement call codes throughout our websites, adjust the way our sales call handling operates, and possibly even add sales phone numbers to help facilitate tracking conversions from our ad buys. Social and Email marketing also would be in alignment. The best strategies will be discovered during the research phase. X-brand website/landing pages updates will be coordinated with the Marketing Design liaison following the campaign direction.   Both the SEO and SEM campaigns will intimately inform each other to align X-brand company’s organic marketing with common sales objectives shared by SEM.

SEO Campaign

Projected SEO Timeline: 80+ hour initial commitment, not including 20+ hours/week for ongoing management

Projected Budget: $10,000 initially for writing costs, press release launches, and link building, then a TBD figure for monthly SEO maintenance

Goals: Ensure X websites are meeting best SEO practices in terms of usability and optimization. Using sales goals and SEM successes as gauges, setting benchmarks for natural campaign success, implement a strategy that far exceeds X-brand’s current rankings for high value keywords, justifying additional re-investment.

SEM Campaign

Projected SEM Timeline: 80+ hour initial commitment, not including 20+ hour/week for ongoing management/optimization of campaigns

Projected Budget: $20K/month

Goals: Identifying sales goals through SEM channels, setting benchmarks for campaign success, then implementing the strategy to far exceed X-Brand’s current ROI for SEM.

Overall Campaign Breakdown

Each component of the marketing campaign is broken down into stages. All components depend upon certain aspects of the Research Stage to be completed before successful setup and implementation, indeed these first steps are the most important. The initial portion of the research stage consists of the following steps.

Stage One (Research)

  1. Interview sales managers – to determine sales goals for the company, identify potential marketing initiatives
  2. Interview sales staff – get the most commonly used and successful pitches for our products, brainstorm marketing ideas
  3. Research current sales data set – define current sales attributable to online campaigns, set benchmarks for increases in web sales and overall sales
  4. Web analytics / Keyword discovery – based from historic website data, determine what keywords seem to drive highly interested web users to the site, and what pages people use most and stay on – this process will also involve in-depth analysis of visitor paths. This is a big one
  5. Identify traffic streams (keyword clusters) for potential high-value keywords
  6. Research landing pages – build wireframe designs aligned with sales objectives and pitch concepts
  7. Research marketing streams – beyond scope of what we are currently doing – find any platform that could deliver high quality traffic streams whether it be paid, social, paid links, or organic based
  8. Assemble Campaign Strategy Proposal for approval by President which includes ad spend design, targeted initial keywords, creative, landing page wireframes, benchmarks, budgets, and goals

SEM Stage Two (Implementation) 80+ hours

NOTE: I’d like to create a PPC sandbox campaign created before we move into PPC full-budget and final keyword research to test for best converting keyword targets

  1. Edits to existing landing pages and design of new landing pages to incorporate multivariate testing
  2. Full integration of Adwords conversion tracking with Salesforce
  3. Implementation of other tracking methods (phone promo codes, alter pitches, possibly alternate sales numbers tied to initiatives)
  4. Creation of ad campaigns for X on defined SEM platforms
  5. Setup of reporting tools, report templates and fully define reporting processes

SEO Stage Two (Implementation) 80+ hours

  1. Revise TITLE and META tags through X-brand site to incorporate optimal keywords, breadcrumbs, potential removal of META keywords, Salesforce tags adjustments
  2. Adjust existing internal link profile for X-brand website
  3. Adjust existing internal link profile for X-brand client websites, a process which includes restructuring linking on client sites with different anchor text, embed keywords into TOS of client websites, build a matrix of anchor texts to support the diversity of link profile we want from our client websites
  4. Develop up to 50 pages of keyword-driven SEO content
  5. Paid Link building campaign – identifying link building opportunities from link brokers to target our desired high value keywords. Also, press release blasts
  6. Organic link building campaign – develop manual strategies to acquire new links naturally through the negotiated use of content writing, content hosting, article submissions, link exchanges, and other forms
  7. Image optimization throughout X-brand websites
  8. Adjust demo pop-outs on websites
  9. Renovate FAQ section of X site
  10. Define how best to utilize our blogs for link building

SEM Stage Three (Ongoing Management) – 20+ hours/week

  1. After initial “scrape” campaign, hone down focus of campaign to high ROI keywords and pass these high value phrases to SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing
  2. Evaluation of campaign initiatives as sales figures start to roll in that have been tied to conversion tracking in SF
  3. Daily manual tracking and reporting analysis to ensure staying within campaign budget
  4. Adjustments and improvements to landing pages
  5. Incorporation of new sales initiatives into SEM campaigns as they arise
  6. Assemble marketing expense reports on a monthly basis for evaluation by President

SEO Stage Three (Ongoing Management) – 20+ hours/week

  1. Hone down focus of SEO campaign to high ROI keywords and design additional campaigns to boost these phrases in the rankings
  2. In depth evaluation of keyword rankings and link profile on a monthly basis
  3. Monitoring of Webmaster Tools and Analytics to ensure website is displaying correctly (without dead pages) and without interruption
  4. Usability adjustments and improvements to websites – VIDEO!!!
  5. Incorporation of new sales initiatives into SEO campaigns as they arise
  6. Assemble marketing expense reports on a monthly basis for evaluation by President


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