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Click-Thru Distribution Percentages in the SERPs

An important metric or information breakdown to keep in mind when targeting the SERP’s are the percentages of click-thru share that page audience files down to:

Number 1 receives 42.1%
Number 2 receives 11.9%
Number 3 receives 8.5%
Number 4 receives 6.1%
Number 5 receives 4.9%
Number 6 receives 4.1%
Number 7 receives 3.4%
Number 8 receives 3.0%
Number 9 receives 2.8%
Number 10 receives 3.0%


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  1. Ardin says:

    It really amazing the percentage different between position #1 and #2.

    This article was written back in 2006, Do we still browse the web the same way as back in 2006, now that most people are using bigger monitors and higher screen resolution?

    So is this data still valid?

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