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Click-Thru Distribution Percentages in the SERPs

An important metric or information breakdown to keep in mind when targeting the SERP’s are the percentages of click-thru share that page audience files down to: Number 1 receives 42.1% Number 2 receives 11.9% Number 3 receives 8.5% Number 4 receives 6.1% Number 5 receives 4.9% Number 6 receives 4.1% Number 7 receives 3.4% Number [...]


Setting Up XML Sitemaps for WordPress

One of the things that can really help a website in the search results is to have an XML sitemap which actively communicates with the search engines regarding content as it is createdon the website. With WordPress, and 2.7 Coltrane, setting up a sitemap is a 5 minute affair, easy as 1-2-3. First, download the [...]


Online Article Syndication Resources List

One of the important aspects of a complete Search Engine Optimization campaign involves Link Building. An important component of Link Building can be the utilization of Article Syndication. The submitting/publishing of articles online is a great way to not only help create these inbound links, but this also gives you the authority of being published [...]


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